Our approach

There are five stages to the financial planning process, each of which is separately costed, although the initial consultation is at our cost.


Initial Consultation

We will have a meeting to introduce you to how we work and to find out about you, your needs and goals. We will discuss areas such as your retirement planning, what sort of investments you are considering and your protection needs. We will also get an understanding of the risks you are prepared to take when investing.


We will request further information on your existing plan(s) from your current provider(s) if we need to. We will review any of your current plans and along with the information we have gathered we will provide you with our thoughts and ideas on how we can help you achieve your financial goals. This will be discussed with you for agreement to proceed to the next stage.

Recommendation Report

A personalised recommendation will be prepared for you and we will discuss this with you in detail.


The last stage is to make it happen. Once all the paperwork is completed we will get your new plan(s) set up for you and keep you up to speed so that you know when everything is in place.


Plans change because of what happens to you personally and what happens in the bigger world. We will regularly review your personal and financial circumstances to make sure your plan is on target and if we need to construct a new plan or tweak the one we’ve got.