More people are planning a flexible retirement where they continue to work in some form. It can help your income go further and create a work-life balance that suits you, but it does have some tax implications.
To get the most out of retirement planning, you need to give your priorities as much attention as your pension. It’s a process that can help you build the lifestyle you want.
Research shows that millions of people in the UK are relying on an inheritance to pay for their retirement. It could mean they face a significant income gap in their later years.
While having £1 million saved in a pension can provide you with financial freedom, you still need to put a long-term plan in place to ensure financial security throughout retirement.
Research suggests that some retirees are taking unsustainable sums from their pensions. It could mean they run out of money in retirement, highlighting why it’s so important to consider the long term.
If you’ll be retiring in 2022, these eight steps can help you create financial freedom and build confidence in your long-term security.