Financial protection is an important part of creating long-term security. Yet, it’s something that many people overlook.
Concerns that economies around the world could fall into a recession as inflation continues to rise have led to volatility in the investment markets. Find out what else affected markets in May here.
Many UK trusts and some non-UK trusts need to be registered with the Trust Registration Service by 1 September 2022. If you’re a trustee, it’s important to understand if it’s a step you need to take.
Over the last decade, key tax allowances have been reduced. It means you could be paying more tax, so it’s vital that you use the ones that are right for you to make the most of your money.
Interest rates are starting to rise, but that doesn’t mean that inflation will have a positive effect on your savings. In real terms, they are likely falling in value.
Cuts to the Lifetime Allowance in the last decade means more people than ever are facing additional tax charges when they access their pension. It’s crucial you understand if you could be affected by exceeding the threshold.
More people are planning a flexible retirement where they continue to work in some form. It can help your income go further and create a work-life balance that suits you, but it does have some tax implications.
It’s been a difficult few months for the global economy. Here’s some useful information, and three practical things to remember when the economy is uncertain.