My name is David Shepherd. I've been a client of Philpott for around eighteen months to two years, and my personal adviser is Henry Philpott.

I've got sums of money invested through a money purchase scheme, and I wanted to know what to do with that when I approach retirement, and I wanted some independent advice on that.

When I had my initial meeting with Henry, we engaged, and I trusted him to provide me with independent advice and not to try and sell me something that he felt was right for him. He gave me advice that was right for me.

Working with Henry, we have a very good relationship. I feel comfortable with the advice, and I feel very comfortable that as I move towards retirement, we've planned effectively for that time.

We know how we will draw down my investments such that, during retirement, I can enjoy a good life with my wife. And if I look at the joy of a long life, I'll still have money to see me through to the end of my days.

I really like that we can meet at home and discuss things over the phone, or, if I need to, I can come to the office. The best piece of advice is long-term planning, understanding my plans for retirement what I want to do, and working out what funds we will need to deliver on those expectations.

I'd recommend working with Philpott because they give me good advice, it's impartial advice, and it's not pressure selling; it is purely about advice and how we can plan effectively for the future.

Henry gives me sound financial advice that's tailored to me